Thousands of Bookies Have Turned to PayPerHead247

There are any number of pay per head sites that can provide private bookies with online sports betting software solutions. Some are better than others and a select few can call themselves one of the “best of the best” in the rapidly expanding online sports betting industry. Experience and a high level of expertise are… Continue reading →

Finding Value in PayPerHead247 Weekly Fees

Value is a big buzz word in the sports betting industry. Bettors are always looking for value in the posted odds as an edge against the books taking the bets. Given the wide variety of betting options for more than 80 different sports, if they look hard enough, any bettor can create that edge. As… Continue reading →

Customized Bookie Solutions With PayPerHead247

The sports betting industry continues to expand each and every year. It has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry in the US alone. Expansion is now being driven by land-based and online sportsbooks in states that offer legalized sports betting. More and more offshore sportsbooks are catering to the US market as legal alternatives in most… Continue reading →

Managing Football Betting Lines With PayPerHead247

A new football season brings the opportunity to create some serious weekly profit for your bookie business’s bottom line. It also brings a new set of challenges to stay out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. This can be extremely hard to accomplish without the right pay per head bookie software… Continue reading →

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Increased Online Security With PayPerHead247

Cyber threats such as malware and other computer viruses remain a serious issue in any industry that conducts business through the internet. Given that the majority of today’s sports bets are placed online, the sports betting industry becomes a prime target for internet crime. If you are a private bookie taking action online with the… Continue reading →

Increase Your Weekly Betting Handle With PayPerHead247

There are basically two different ways a private bookie can increase weekly revenue and profit. The first is by increasing your overall sports betting customer base. The other is by increasing the weekly handle from your existing betting customers. The best approach to building a bookie business that meets all of your financial goals is… Continue reading →

Profit-Driven Results With PayPerHead247

Betting on sports adds excitement to the games for the average sports fan. For private bookies taking those bets, it is all about the bottom-line profit at the end of the day. It is a known fact that the average sports bettor loses more than they win over the course of the year. Why do… Continue reading →

Turnkey Bookie Solutions With PayPerHead247

The busiest time of the year in the sports betting industry is just a few weeks away. The start of another season of football leading right into an extended run of basketball betting action is when private bookies make most of their money. Small time operations will try and go it on their own relying… Continue reading →

Satisfaction Guaranteed at PayPerHead247

Just about every company selling a product or service used the catch phrase ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. Some companies will refund you money if you are not happy with its particular products or services. What they do not tell you is what kind of hoops you need to jump through to actually obtain a cash refund. In… Continue reading →

Bookies Are Ready For Some Football With PayPerHead247

The long wait for another football season in both the college ranks and the NFL is almost over. The month of August starts the countdown for sports bettors and sports betting outlets as well. Betting options for football futures and props are filling the betting boards along with the early betting lines for all the… Continue reading →

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